Functional Rehabilitation is a strong component of our treatment at Carolina Active Health Chiropractic.  We believe that in order to get the best, long term results, complimenting our other treatment methods with rehabilitation provides the best outcome.  We focus on corrective exercises, looking at the way you move and your overall posture.  Your body is an amazing healing machine, but often times these injuries leave "baggage" in the way we move, even after the tissue has healed.  This can lead to improper mechanics and function.  Muscle imbalances lead to poor movement.  Poor movement leads to injuries.  By giving patients proper exercises to treat the dysfunction, proper movement can be restored which will lead to pain relief and improved performance and prevention of future injuries.  At Carolina Active Health Chiropractic, we look at movement patterns and muscle firing in addition to traditional rehabilitation methods to provide the best solution for you.  Our goal is to not only provide a cure for the injury you have today, but to help reduce future injuries from occurring.