Form follows function, and the best way to assess this is through seeing motion.  Whether you are trying to get out of pain, trying to prevent future pain, or trying to enhance your performance, the way that you move drastically affects your outcome.  At Carolina Active Health Chiropractic, we combine a variety of movement screen techniques, such as the Functional Movement Screen (FMS and SFMA).  Movement involves both a structural (muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joint mechanics) and neurological (motor control,firing patterns).  Previous injuries, overuse, function, and habit can change all of these.  Further, Dr. Nelson is trained through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist.  This provides a system correct any imbalances or dysfunction that may be detected during screening.  Dr. Nelson can use his experience working with thousands of athletes to assess your movement and look for dysfunction.  This, in combination with the services we provide, will help us achieve your goal more quickly and assist in the prevention of future injury.