Our goal is simple:  We want to provide a natural, holistic, solution to your healthcare needs.  Our aim is to improve your life in any way we can, whether that is to live a pain free life or optimize your performance and wellness.  We focus on total optimization of each individual, focusing on the movement of the human body.  We use an evidence-based biomechanical and structural approach to your care.  Treating in this method can not only resolve your condition more quickly, but can also prevent future conditions from occurring.  Although we focus primarily on spinal care, we treat all neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

Your spine is the foundation for all movement.  Proper positioning and stabilization of the spine are critical to not only staying out of pain, but also optimizing performance.  Prioritizing spinal mechanics is the first and most important step in rebuilding and ingraining functional motor patterns, optimizing movement efficiency, maximizing force production, and avoiding injury.  The spine is the base in which all movement occurs.  Your spine allows you to safely and effectively transmit force through your core and into your extremities.  Simply put, the spine is the most important part of the kinetic chain.  Just as dysfunction in the foundation of your house can cause extensive damage throughout, dysfunction in your spine can lead to issues throughout your body.  At Carolina Active Health Chiropractic, we will look at the segmental motion and position of your spine and specific vertebrae.  We evaluate joint restriction and overall motion through movement to create a plan that best fits your individual needs.

At Carolina Active Health Chiropractic, we not only want to get you out of pain, we want to find the cause of the pain and prevent injury from reoccurring.  Pain can often be a "Check Engine" light to other underlying pathology.  Often times, people are plagued with the same reoccurring condition.  After rest or treatment, the pain may go away, but the underlying cause of injury remains.  There can be several causes of pain, and after a thorough evaluation we will give you an objective diagnosis on what we feel is the source.  If pain is present, our first phase of treatment will be to "put out the fire" and reduce or remove the pain.  In the next phase, we will correct the underlying cause.  We feel strongly that many neuromusculoskeletal conditions have multiple causes, and we aim to treat as many as we can.  This is why we compliment traditional chiropractic manipulation with soft-tissue treatment and corrective rehabilitation.  We believe this provides our patients with the best possible outcome.