Form follows function, and actually seeing physical motion is the best way to assess your needs.  Whether you are trying to get out of pain, prevent future pain, or enhance performance, how you move drastically affects your outcome.

At Carolina Active Health Chiropractic, we combine various movement screen techniques/biomechanical analysis, including the Functional Movement Screen (FMS and SFMA), to look for movement dysfunction.  

Movement is structural (i.e., muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joint mechanics) and neurological (i.e., motor control and firing patterns).  Previous injuries, overuse, function, and habit can cause an imbalance in these systems. A movement screen is essential for detecting these issues.

Dr. Nelson trained as a Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He can use his experience working with thousands of athletes to assess your movement and look for dysfunction. This, combined with the services we provide, will help you achieve your movement goal and prevent future injury.

As a triathlete, it’s great working with Carolina Active Health to maintain my health or get me back on track when I’m injured. The staff are personable and knowledgeable. Dr. Nelson and Dr. Yates listen to my concerns and involve me in the treatment plan. All the staff are always open to answer questions I have.



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