• immune system boosters

    Tis the season… for flu and colds. But that doesn’t mean you have to get sick! Your incredible body is equipped with all the tools it needs to fight off infections. You can’t always control exposure to viruses, but you have tremendous power to ensure that your immune system is robust.  No one enjoys being knocked out by the flu, so here’s some simple, practical and super-effective ways to make sure you stay healthy this season.

  • Nutrition is a science and an art. One of the most rewarding, and yet challenging aspects of being a dietitian involves nutrition education. I have been involved in nutrition and fitness for close to 10 years and one thing is certain: people are confused!  Part of this stems from the lack of appreciation for nutrition as a science. Celebrities, internet gurus, and self-described nutrition coaches fail to appreciate that human nutrition is rooted in basic sciences like chemistry and biology.