• What is Pain?

    Pain is like the blinking red light in our cars telling us the oil is low. Sometimes it’s just a bad sensor and we can ignore it. Other times we need to actually replace the oil or wait until the engine blows and deal with the stressful consequences.

    When Do We Feel Pain?

    Many of us who engage in sports or activities have experienced that random red light or pain during a workout that we ignore because it just disappeared the next day. Other times we feel that nagging pain that will not go away until we decide to pay attention or the escalating injury will finally make us pay attention. The scope and duration of this experience is dependent upon many variables: degree of tissue insult, prior injury, underlying inflammatory disorders, exercise habits and access to medical care.

  • Have you ever watched the Olympics and seen strips of colorful tape adorning the athlete's arms, legs or backs?

    No, it's not a fashion statement. It's kinesiology tape and is used by both elite athletes and regular people.

    Kinesiology tape was invented by a Japanese chiropractor named Kenzo Kase in 1979.

    But how does kinesiology tape work? Read on to get answers to this and other questions.