• What is Pain?

    Pain is like the blinking red light in our cars telling us the oil is low. Sometimes it’s just a bad sensor and we can ignore it. Other times we need to actually replace the oil or wait until the engine blows and deal with the stressful consequences.

    When Do We Feel Pain?

    Many of us who engage in sports or activities have experienced that random red light or pain during a workout that we ignore because it just disappeared the next day. Other times we feel that nagging pain that will not go away until we decide to pay attention or the escalating injury will finally make us pay attention. The scope and duration of this experience is dependent upon many variables: degree of tissue insult, prior injury, underlying inflammatory disorders, exercise habits and access to medical care.

  • We are in a unique situation, where a large portion of our workforce is being forced to work at home for the time being and home ergonomics are . Unfortunately, most of us do not have adequate setups at home to support our body. Hint: if you can see your foot by looking to the side of your screen right now, your head is not in a good position!

    In this post, we will cover:

    • What good ergonomics are and why they are importan

    • What you should look at in your home office setup

    • What you can do to improve it

  • Were you recently in a car accident? You might not notice your aches and pains right away. Within a few days, however, you might experience back or neck pain that requires professional help.

    Should you see a chiropractor for neck pain? More people rely on chiropractors than you might realize.

    In fact, it's estimated that chiropractors treat over 27 million Americans annually for everything from mobility issues to headaches.

  • Are you currently dealing with a sports injury or chronic, nagging pain that won't subside no matter how much ice and heat you apply to it? If so, it may be time to try some different treatment modalities, such as deep tissue laser therapy.

    Never heard of this treatment before? Read on to learn more about it and the benefits it can offer you.