A New Year | A New Start

A New Year

New Year’s resolutions can be an important first step, but they are a far cry from real, lasting change. A baby may take his first steps as he reaches for a red ball just out of reach, but it isn’t the ball that keeps him walking the rest of his life! His new discovery of mobility drives him to become steady on his feet and walk, then run and tackle the world with his new found ability.

New Year’s resolutions can be like this, we see a goal, but let us remember why we are setting these goals. Because life will be better if we get active, gain mobility, shed the pounds, and reach for a new life of achieving physical goals. 

The ringing in of a new year brings with it the possibility of a fresh start, or at least a fresh reminder to turn the page on a new chapter of growth, a chance to mature in the next season of life. But haven’t we all tried this enough times by now to know how futile mere resolutions are if not accompanied by more than an ideal?

Let’s redefine that term that is trending on these first days of January, resolution. We must be more serious about our goals and dreams than just a “resolution.”  You see, a resolution requires no preparation.  You can simply think of how you’d like life to be and say it out loud, but until you make yourself accountable, it will remain a nice idea and something that will happen someday “in the future.”

But a goal, requires specific action steps just as it does in a game of soccer or business plan.  It requires you to work backwards from the big, broad life you’d like to have to the first action step you must take today.

Whether it’s eating and exercise, or taking a dance class, running your first marathon, or shedding the weight you’ve procrastinated about for so long, the mechanism we call “habit” is vital for seeing our earnest resolutions through to enjoyable realities. If we really are resolved to see our hopes for 2017 become life-enriching habits, we will do well to keep several basic truths in mind at the outset of a new year.

Be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about your methods. Approach your new goals with the same seriousness you would a project for work, saying “I’m too tired” or “I’ll start tomorrow” would not be acceptable in the workplace so do not make room for it in your personal life! Focus on a few goals and make them specific and obtainable! Craft a realistic plan and write. it. down.

This cannot be stressed enough, even if you are not a “write it down” kind of person, written goals are 42% more likely to succeed than that never hit paper. Next identify the reward for achieving your goal, ask yourself “Why do I want to achieve this goal?” and trace the answer to the root of your motivation!

A written, realistic, obtainable goal with sufficient reward is still not going to as be achievable without accountability. Enlist a friend who will take this journey with you or seek a professional trainer. Accountability has been known to improve your outcome by 78%, so seek out another person, be it a friend or professional, to keep you accountable and push you when your initiative fails and motivation wains!

Taking those first steps can be challenging and we are here for you every step along the way! Our goal is not temporary relief of pain and restriction, but rather to assist you in lifelong change and achieve the active life you have always dreamed of living. Without addressing the underlying issues of alignment, soft tissue restriction, and issues derived from a life of poor posture true change is not as achievable. Our holistic approach addresses the entire body. We offer a wide range of services which include Active Release Technique, Chiropractic Adjustments, Personalized rehabilitation, and other soft tissue techniques to treat the entire body, not just the spine.
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