The Fastest Man in the World: A Journey From Scoliosis to Olympic Success

Take some advice from the fastest man in the world! A man that remains unbeaten since 2008. He has won 6 Olympic gold medals, never placing for silver or bronze. He has won world championship collecting 8 first place wins and setting world records along the way. But this path to championship was hard earned through obstacles and health complications.

But Usain’s speed on the track and world record position has not come without challenges. As a young man, Bolt suffered from scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine which often leaves the individual with permanent complications. “When I was younger, the scoliosis wasn’t really a problem. But you grow and it gets worse. My spine was really curved badly. The early part of my career, when we didn’t really know much about it, it really hampered me because I got injured every year.” Traditional treatment would have required spinal fusion surgery and insertion of a metal rod to straighten his spine, and time in restrictive braces, all of which would destroying the possibility of pursuing his dream, so Usain turned to a non-invasive alternative: Chiropractic Care.

“I’ve worked hard over the years. I’ve been injured and I’ve worked hard through it, and I’ve made it.” Bolt uses chiropractic not only to treat his scoliosis, but also to bounce back more quickly from track injuries and enhance his performance while healthy. He notes: “As long as I’m in great shape, nobody beats me, for sure.”

So if chiropractic care is good enough for the fastest man in the world, transforming him from a young man suffering from scoliosis to a world champion, what could chiropractic do for you?

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