The Team Behind The Team: Sports Chiropractic

Sports Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is becoming the treatment of choice in sports medicine and many athletic trainers encourage it before, during and after any physical performance. Sports chiropractic is not only beneficial to the experienced and professional athlete, but also to collegiate athletes, young players and weekend warriors.

Why It’s Important

The value of the role team Doctors of Chiropractic play in keeping athletes healthy cannot be overlooked, mainly because they are trained and equipped to treat biomechanical injuries. When your body is not conditioned properly or specific muscle groups are overused, athletic injury can occur. According to WebMD, overuse injuries are among the most common and preventable sports injuries. Treatment of an overused muscle injury requires care to the immediate symptoms but also lifestyle modifications to prevent reoccurring conditions. Chiropractic care is fundamental to the consequences of jarring impacts, enhancing body mechanics and joint motion. Many athletes now insist on being adjusted prior to physical performance or competition because they feel they can perform with full range of motion and without restriction in their joints.  

Individualized Approach to Wellness in Sports Medicine

In an effort to reduce injuries, entire teams as well as individual professional and amateur athletes look to chiropractic physicians to design individualized conditioning programs. With the recent shift toward holistic healthcare, many athletes also look to nutrition for enhanced performance, increased speed and injury rehabilitation. Chiropractors are qualified in the field of nutrition and are able to give advice on vitamin supplementation, dietary intakes and other biomechanical reactions of bodily systems. They can provide a more complete conditioning and injury prevention program as opposed to medical doctors and team nutritionists. As sports injuries present themselves, team chiropractors can work to provide each athlete with the care they need to get them back to high levels of performance.  

Chiropractic Sought Throughout NFL

Not surprisingly, every team in the NFL has a doctor of chiropractic as a part of its medical staff. NFL teams are encouraging non-pharmaceutical solutions to pain management because of recent lawsuits from former players over opioid addiction. Instead of dulling their pain, players are looking to find alternatives that help them maximize performance. Chiropractic care is used in the NFL to address neuromusculoskeletal strain injuries, including neck pain, low back pain, strains to the hamstrings and quadriceps and certain whiplash injuries. Some players, who experience incidents during the game, receive sideline chiropractic treatment and are able to return on the following play. Traditional spinal adjustments combined with state-of-the-art techniques such as Active Release Technique (ART), have proven highly effective and beneficial in keeping NFL players in prime condition. 

No matter your age or athletic achievement, chiropractic care can help you optimize your performance and wellness. Make an appointment with us today at to discuss your options.

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