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Check out these new exercises from your favorite Greenville, SC Chiropractor

The Pallof Press

One of our favorite exercises is the Pallof Press. This anti-rotational exercise is great to help learn how to generate intra-abdominal pressure while performing an activity.

 How to perform the Pallof Press:

  1. Get a cable or band that is connected to a wall

  2. Grab the cable/band with both hands

  3. Turn your body so that you are perpendicular with the cable/band

  4. Keep your hands together and close to your chest and step away from where the cable/band is attached

  5. Press your arms out away from your chest and fight the resistance from trying to turn you

You can even change the stimulus of the exercises if you go directly over-head. This will change the pull from a rotational pull to a lateral bend. There are a couple different variations and stances to perform this exercise to work on the rotational core muscles.

Easy At-Home Hip-Mobility Exercise 

One of our favorite hip mobility exercises we give to patients is the hip 90/90. It is called this because both of your legs will sit at a 90 degree angle.

You can get a good stretch out of this position by leaning in various directions and feeling a stretch in the hip on the most forward leg. The great part of this mobility exercise is we can do transitions from side to side and challenge the active control of the hip through its range of motion.

Toe Pro Demonstration

The Toe Pro, a great tool we use in the office to help work intrinsic foot muscles and overall lower leg strength. We use this device by doing a calf raise on it and thinking about driving your big toe down into the foam of the Toe Pro.

This is a strengthening exercise as well as a good assessment tool for us to see how a person drives up onto their big toes. They may deviate out to the side onto their little toes or not be able to get full extension through their big toe at all. This allows us to determine where a patient might be compensating and where we need to focus our efforts.

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