7 Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain (+ When to See a Doctor)

Between the ages of 18 and 88, everyone will experience some kind of shoulder issue. 

When dealing with shoulder injuries there are a lot of options, from home remedies for shoulder pain up to joint replacement surgery. What is important is that you don’t ignore your shoulder. Injuries and pain in the shoulder will only increase if you do not take care of it.

In this article, we’ll discuss different home remedies for shoulder pain and when you should seek out a doctor’s help.

1. Over the Counter Medication

If you have a very minor twinge in your shoulder it could be an impingement. 

This occurs when a nerve gets pressured by the shoulder joint. It can cause a little catch in the shoulder. An impingement might even take your breath away if it lands at the wrong moment. 

Taking an anti-inflammatory will probably be enough. If the problem goes away after a couple of days of taking ibuprofen, you should be fine. 

Anti-inflammatories are better for treating injuries than simple pain killers. This is because they address one cause of discomfort and pain, which is inflammation.

2. Chill out Your Shoulder

Using a cold compress on your shoulder can bring down swelling. Cold typically helps with any kind of swelling and inflammation. This type of home remedy for pain is good if you are dealing with a minor injury to the joint. 

If there is slight pressure building in the joint, an ice pack might fix you right up. Most minor injuries to the shoulder are quick to heal. Using a cold compress will make your recovery faster as well as numb the pain. 

3. Compression Can Work, Wrap It Up

Applying compression on your shoulder is something that athletes do a lot. If a nagging pain keeps bothering you, it might be fixed by simply wrapping it up. If using an ACE bandage, remember to make sure that it is tight. 

Immobilizing the shoulder is also possible with compression. Compression can help your shoulder heal. 

This technique is not just good for the shoulder. Like many home remedies for pain, these can be used on various other injuries and common pains.  

If compression isn’t working, you could seek Kinesio taping or functional movement techniques. 

These aren’t something you should try at home, though. Make sure you talk to an experienced care provider. This has become more popular among athletes in recent years.  

4. Using Warmth to Relax Your Shoulder

Using a heating pad or blanket is a good idea if you have overused your muscles. If you feel fatigue in the muscles of your shoulder and neck this could be the fix that works for you. 

Remember to always practice safety when using devices that heat up. You don’t want to risk injuring yourself further.

Those skilled in active release techniques could be very beneficial to you. If your shoulder continues to experience symptoms of overuse, you might think about it. This isn’t a home remedy, but it is a useful next step to experience some relief. 

5. Good Old-Fashioned Rest

Resting your shoulder is probably a good idea regardless of whatever else you want to do. 

When we say rest, we aren’t talking about not using it for a couple of hours. Complete and total rest can give the body a chance to do what it needs to do. In this case, that is fix your shoulder. 

If you are trying to rest your shoulder, don’t interrupt your rest period. Make sure you give plenty of time for the body to recover. If you pick up something heavy or twist your shoulder awkwardly you can undo the progress you have made. 

This can also be a good remedy for chronic conditions that affect your shoulder. If you are having a chronic condition that leads to shoulder pain, consider going to a healthcare professional. 

6. Stretching Can Build Strength and Reduce Pain

Make sure that you stretch your shoulders out. 

This isn’t just true before you engage in activities. If you are experiencing some shoulder pain, try to move it around a bit. If this helps you might simply need to stretch more regularly. 

There are a lot of specific stretches that can help you target your shoulder. Make sure you do these properly as you don’t want to risk further injury. 

7. Gentle Exercise

While resting your shoulder might be for the best, sometimes moving it around is better. You don’t want to put a lot of strain on your shoulder if it hurts. Just gentle, easy movements and light repetition should be enough. 

Your body will tell you if you are pushing too hard, but don’t try to reach that limit. Take it easy and see if the pain goes away. If this technique is working, it should provide some immediate relief. 

When to Stop Your Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain and See a Doctor

Shoulder pain can be very uncomfortable. Usually, it is something that can be easily treated, but not always by yourself. 

If the pain continues or gets worse after treating it, go to a healthcare provider. If you are concerned that you may have dislocated or fractured your shoulder don’t wait, go to the emergency room. 

Home remedies for shoulder pain work best on minor injuries. These remedies help us carry on with our life when we aren’t badly hurt. They can save you from taking days off of work, or unnecessarily going to a doctor. 

If you are unsure if you should see a doctor but don’t want a hefty bill, consider chiropractic and holistic approaches.  

Dealing with Shoulder Pain 

Shoulder pain affects all of us. It is something all of us will have to deal with sometime in our lives. Knowing what we can do to help ourselves is important. Knowing when to seek professional help is also important. 

No one enjoys dealing with shoulder pain. Many people find a particular home remedy that can keep them going. This can be very beneficial but remember that injuries need to be treated fast. 

The longer you wait to have something addressed, the worse it will be. This is particularly true in the case of the shoulder. Home remedies for shoulder pain do not take the place of a doctor or trained medical professional. 

Contact Carolina Active Health Chiropractic to have all your shoulder pains addressed.

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